The Sports Podiatry services are provided by Footworks - a practice established in 1989 with an undisputed reputation for excellence in the field of sports podiatry. Footworks joined UniSports Sports Medicine in 1994.

Footworks is committed to providing quality lower limb biomechanical assessment, orthotic design, and sports footwear advice aimed at improving the function of the lower limb.


The team consists of qualified podiatrists who are registered with the NZ Podiatrists Board to practice in NZ. Furthermore, membership of the NZ Society of Podiatrists expects a strict code of ethics is adhered to at all times, ensuring that you receive a higher standard of professional foot care. The Sports Podiatrists continue with ongoing postgraduate study so they remain up to date and offer the best care possible for your situation.

The Sports Podiatrist will assess your injury and use relevant clinical tests, such as RS scan gait analysis, joint range of motion, or muscle strength, to determine why your injury is occurring and to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Podiatric biomechanics specifically investigates the alignment of the foot and lower limb. Often an orthotic insole is needed in your shoe to give the foot its ideal position and alignment, for correct function and prevention of injury. As orthoses are custom made for each patient, modifications may frequently need to be made during the first few months to ensure the best result. Sometimes, correction is not achieved by orthoses alone and so analysis of your footwear will play an important role in your treatment plan.

Remember, at all times a balanced foot is essential for pain-free movement, so if you require help then make an appointment with the Footworks team.

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Our Podiatry Team

Meet our talented team of Podiatrists on board at Unisports.

James baxter

James Baxter


James is a NZ registered Podiatrist who has been practicing since 1988 and has extensive experience working with athletes across a number of different codes. He is one of the few NZ Academy of Sport approved podiatrists in Auckland.

- adidas New Zealand technical footwear consultant for 6 years
- Provides Podiatry education in the Asia/Pacific region for adidas International
- Lecturer in Clinical Biomechanics, School of Podiatry, AUT
- Lecturer in Postgraduate Physiotherapy (Auckland University of Technology), and Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (University of Auckland)
- Team involvement includes - All Blacks, Auckland Blues, Auckland Warriors, Netball (Silver Ferns and ANZ Cup Teams), Athletics, Hockey (Auckland teams), Black Ferns
Continues with ongoing Postgraduate Podiatry education.

Brian koh

Brian Koh


Brian is an experienced Sports Podiatrist who has previously worked in Foot Mechanics clinics at Anglesea Sports Medicine in Hamilton and University of Waikato’s Adams Centre for High Performance in Mount Maunganui. Brian is a NZ registered Podiatrist.